1001 Nights

Our Theme evening 1001 Nuits will show you that our kitchen is open to the world. So discover the flavours of the cuisine of Nabil’s mother! This evening “1001 nights” will take place on Friday night March 15, 2019.

L’Auberge du laurier will turn for one night in an Oriental place, including his music and the atmosphere.
The Moroccan cuisine accommodates refined vegetables and fruits, rare and fragrant spices and tasty meat… The best of Oriental cuisine, renowned worldwide, puts your taste buds in celebration. Ofcourse, the couscous can not be missed. It is the traditional Friday family lunch. It varies depending on the region and the creativity of the chef.

The menu “1001 Nights”

For réservations please call Nabil Lazri on or per mail : info@aubergedulaurier.fr